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Bradfield Riding Centre

About This Project

Bradfield Riding Centre is a horse riding school in Reading, Berkshire. They were unhappy with their existing website and wanted a refresh that was modern, friendly and professional. It was important that the look and feel of the website were aligned to their target audience, parents, and adults in the local community. The new website is easy to use, provides booking details, and helps convert visitors to leads. Since the launch, the pony days and summer camps have been fully booked. 

Keep It Simple

The client wanted a fully optimised website that was mobile friendly to make it as easy as possible for busy parents to use their site, make enquiries and check date availability. The web design was thoughtfully produced with the client to encourage users to stay on the website longer and not leave (reducing bounce rate) which was a concern with their first website.  


My portfolio illustrates the wide range of websites I have built for clients across various industries. Each website build starts with a brainstorming session with the client to agree on goals and design.

Ultimately, I can design a website however you like – so if there are any websites you particularly like the style or look of, we can certainly use them for your own website. Equally, I can give some ideas and present some options aligned with your brand and target audience.

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