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Hounds & Bounds

Time to Move

Hounds & Bounds has three local a dog fields for owners to exercise or socialise their dog off the lead.

They already had a large website run by an external agency. However, they were unhappy with how slow and unresponsive it was and how many issues it caused for their customers trying to book or find important information. Not to mention they were driving up the cost making them feel uncomfortable with how their website was maintained.

It was a top priority for the new website to allow customers to book and pay seamlessly, as well as improving the design to be more modern and playful aligned with their brand.

We transferred across to the new website without any hiccups and immediately had new bookings coming in. The build was a large project over a few weeks due to the complex booking system. Customers have praised the site for being mobile-friendly and are now able to access the site on any device.

Overall we had a successful launch and Hounds & Bounds feel that there has been a “weight-lifted” from moving away from their previous agency to dealing with me, where they got a quicker response, more for their money and 1:1 guidance and support.

Book Me in

The websites booking system needed to allow customers to book multiple sessions at once, across difference locations, while sending them confirmation and reminders, and saving all the details to their account where they can login via the website.

The system we used ticked every box, was quick and easy to use for the customer, and importantly, Hounds & Bounds could manage bookings in the back-end as admin.

The system was one out of three we trialled together to get the best possible outcome.


My portfolio illustrates the wide range of websites I have built for clients across various industries. Each website build starts with a brainstorming session with the client to agree on goals and design.

Ultimately, I can design a website however you like – so if there are any websites you particularly like the style or look of, we can certainly use them for your own website. Equally, I can give some ideas and present some options aligned with your brand and target audience.

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